Q. What is meant by ‘free’ music?

A. All  music on this website is held under the Creative Commons license and may be used as you wish,  for non – commercial purposes. If you use or modify this music please link back to this website.

Q.  What is  royalty free audio?

A. Royalty free audio is music or you pay for  once to use for commercial or  non commercial projects without having to pay a ongoing fee ( royalty ) every time you use it.

Q. After I buy the audio do I own it?

A. No, you don’t own the music, you buy the rights to use it in the production of your choice.

Q. Is the Audio you provide “radio ready”?

A. Generally most audio you download off the Internet is Compressed, like an Mp3 for example.Preferably, these are not suitable for broadcasting in mainstream media.However, all the audio bought from us is “red book” standard and in the .wav (Microsoft) or .aiff (Apple) format.

Q.Will  you  compose & produce music designed specifically for my project?

A. Yes, we have composers from Australia, Asia and Europe ready to work for you on your production.You should allow two or more weeks for a composition such as a song to be completed.A detailed plan provided by you upfront will speed up the process considerably.This would would include the name of  an artist of a song  that is similar to the genre & style of the song you require.

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