Corporate & Small Business

The Melody Factory  offers  services for small and large businesses alike. This includes: • Royalty Free Music • Voice overs • Sound Effects • Composing • Audio Editing • Mixing • Mastering. • Open Source Music • Open Source Sound Effects and Custom Midi Music

Non Profit

The Melody Factory also provides audio to non – profit organisations for personal use. A link is provided to the audio of your choice on the Home page within this Website. Also, for a limited time you can have, audio edited and adjusted free. This includes raising or enhancing low volume, removing unwanted noise, adding sound effects, and composing custom songs. For more information please contact us.

Midi Revival

Midi songs for backing tracks and karaoke can sound mechanical and lifeless. Let us restore those old files with real-world audio samples, and breathe life into your favorite tunes. We can also insert or remove instruments to suit your live karaoke or solo guitar performances.

Custom song writing

Have an Idea for a song but never been able to put it to paper? We can take your ideas and make special songs for special occasions for loved ones or social groups in the genre of your choice. Fill out the contact form and send your ideas to us for a free quote and advice.

Copyright © 2013 by The Melody Factory. All rights reserved  


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  1. Love your music!

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